Cumberland and Lakeland Dialect – Y&Z

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Yak (& yaak or yek)          Oak

Yam                                     Home

Yan / Yah                            One

Yannannudder                  One another

Yance                                  Once

Yat / yat stoop                   Gate / gatepost

Yawer                                  Animal’s udder (see ‘yewer‘)

Yon (‘un)                            That (one)

Yonder                                 There  (e.g. “Yon, ower yonder” is “That, over there.”)

Yooer                                    Animal’s udder (see ‘yawer‘)

Youngermer                        Younger person

Yowe                                     Ewe – a female sheep

Yowe-chin’t                        A person with a receding, ewe-like chin

Yowe-neck’t                       A person who, when bending down, has a neck like a ewe


Zookers or Zukkers            An exclamation of surprise or wonderment


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