If you succeed in badly hurting a police dog, you’d better watch out for it’s handler!

This is a story with a happy ending. German Shepherd police dog and his handler PC Dave Wardell were both stabbed five months ago while apprehending an armed robber.

All I can say is that of the many police dog handlers I knew and worked with, I know exactly how they would respond if somebody badly hurt their dog, and it wouldn’t be pretty! 😀

Read the story here.

1970s Police Vehicles – The Ford Escort Van (as mentioned in the novels)

This has been posted to help non-UK readers visualise a type of vehicle that was widely used by the British police in the 1970s and into the 80s.

A police-specification Ford Escort dog van

The one shown in the above photograph quite clearly is a Dog Section (i.e. ‘K9 Unit’) vehicle but these vans were also often used as the main transportation for relatively small police stations which typically only had one or two officers on patrol duties at any one time, such as at ‘Hawthwaite’ in my novels.




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