Cumberland and Lakeland Dialect – W&X

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Wadd                                   Would

Watt                                     What

Watta / watter                     Water

Watt’sta…                            What are you… (e.g. “Watt’sta ganna dyuh?” – What are you going to do?)

Waz/n’t                               Was / wasn’t

Waz’ta / wozta                    Were you  (e.g. “Watt waz’ta dyurn?” – What were you doing?)

Weel                                     Well (as in health)  (e.g. “Ah’s gaily weel.” “I’m quite well.”)

Weer                                    Where (e.g. “Weer’s ta ga’an?” – Where are you going?)

Whick                                  Alive, not dead; sometimes used to denote quick-mindedness in another

Whisht                                 Quiet (e.g. “Bide thi’ whisht!” – Be quiet!) (‘Wheesht’ is used in Scotland)

Whoo’er                              Whore (pronounced to with an “oo-er” sound – rhymes with lure)

Wick                                    See ‘Whick

Wid                                      With

Wilst’a                                 Will you (singular or plural)

Woll                                     Hole

Wrang                                  Wrong (e.g. “It’s wrang ta wrang fwoaks!“)

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