Cumberland and Lakeland Dialect – T

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Tarn                                     Small lake [Old Norse]

Tek                                      Take

Tewin’ away                        Doing alright / getting on with it

Tewtlin / Tewtellin             Whistling

Thee                                     You

Theer                                   There (e.g. “Ower theer.” – Over there.”)

Thi                                       Your  (pronounced as in “this,” not “thy.”) e.g. “Can’sta finnd thi way yam?”

Thi’sell                                Yourself (pronounced as in “this’ell,” not “thy sell.”)

Thoo                                    You

Thowt                                  Thought

Thrang                                 Busy

Thy                                      Your

Todd                                    A common nickname for a fox (see “Charlie”)

Tummle(t)                          Tumble(d)

Tup                                      Male sheep; a ram

Twine                                  Whine / complain  (e.g. “Gi’ ower twinin’,” – “Stop complaining!”)

T’yalls                                 Tales or stories – often exaggerated (but for lies, see “lees”)

Tyur / Tyan                         Two


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