Cumberland and Lakeland Dialect – P&Q

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Paicks                                  A thrashing (e.g. “Thoo deserves thi paicks!“)

Parlish                                 Wonderful, remarkable, extraordinary, noteworthy.

Partles                                 The individual, globular droppings of sheep

Peet/Peed                            Blind in one eye

Plash (1)                              To trim and lay a hedge (“dyke“)

Plash (2)                             Splash

Ploat                                   Pluck (as in pluck a chicken)

Plodge                                 To wade through water

Plook                                   A pimple, especially if on the face

Poddish                               Porridge

Poof                                     A small, soft footstool

Poss(er) (stick)                   A stick (sometimes with fittings) to agitate clothing that was being washed

Pounder ?                            A task sometimes listed as “Pounders and Hedge Lookers,” possibly also.                                                  as “Impounders.” Does anyone know what it was? (Eskdale 1680s-1850s) -.                                         A question from Pamela Baines.

Putt                                     To butt, strike with the head or horns, from which:

Putty-coo                           A cow that’s known for butting


Quey                                     A heifer or young cow

Quilt                                     To beat (as in strike) – Old Norse & Anglo-Saxon origins: to kill


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