Cumberland and Lakeland Dialect – L

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Laal or la’al                         Little or Small

Lairk or laihk                      To play (e.g. “Is’ta cumman oot ta lairk?” – “Are you coming out to play?”)

Lairt or laiht                       Find

Lang                                    Long

Lee’an / lee/s                      Lying / a lie / lies  (e.g. “Give ower wid thi damned lees!”)

Likeness/es                         Photograph/s – usually but not always of a person

Lig                                       Lie or lay (e.g. “Lig thi’sell doon,”  “Lie/lay yourself down.”)  See: “L’yam”

Liuk / L’yuk                       Look

Lonnin                                A lane, often including a hill

Lookat                                 Either the literal “look at,” or “pay attention!” / “listen!”

Lowp                                    Jump

Lowse /Lowsin                    Loose or release  (e.g. “Thur lowsin t’ hoonds” – They’re releasing the hounds)

Luckat                                 Either the literal “look at,” or “pay attention!” / “listen!”

L’yam                                  Lame(ness) or an injury (e.g. “Ah’ll lig a l’yam on thee!” – I’ll injure you!”)


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