Cumberland and Lakeland Dialect – K

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Kebby                                  Walking stick

Kecks                                   Trousers

Kelk                                     To use one’s elbow to strike an opponent in a fight

Kem                                     Came

Ken                                      Know (e.g. “Dus’ta ken worr yon is? – Do you know who that is?)

Kep                                      Catch (a thrown or falling object)

Kessen/Kessing                 A sheep that is stuck on its back (help it upright or it will die!)

Knave                                  A bad (male) person; low repute or ignorant (Old English, not dialect)

K’yack                                 Cake

K’yav                                  Wading about (snow, muck, etc.) or not getting much done.


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