Cumberland and Lakeland Dialect – H

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Hause / Hawse  / Hawes    Literally: “Neck” – often used for a shallow pass / level ground between hills

Heed                                    Head e.g. “He got his’sell a bat ower t’ heed!” – “He got a blow on the head!”

Herdwicks (Herdys)           The Herdwick breed of sheep and their modern Lakeland nickname

Hog                  ADD DEF.  Thus:



Hoo’ista?                             How are you? (specifically a wellness question)

Hoo’sta…                             How are you going to…? (e.g + “gonna dyuh it?” = How are you going to do it?)

Hoonds                                Hounds  (n.b. either foxhounds or trail hounds )


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