Cumberland and Lakeland Dialect – G

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Gaa(h)                                 Go

Ga’an, gahn or garn         Going

Ganna                                  Going to (i.e. to do something, not the ‘go to’ context unless: “Ganna gaah…”)

Gavlick                                (Uncertain) The word has been used for various gardening tools.

Gay                                      Quite, rather, very  (e.g. “Gay lowse” – “quite/very loose”)

Girt                                      Great (but in the context of ‘large’, not usually the context of ‘wonderful’)

Git/s                                    Get/s. But in English slang ‘get’ is an undesirable person (can be affectionate)

Gitten / gotten                   Got

Gittin                                  Getting

Gowk                                   Cuckoo, often used to call somebody fool

Greet                                   Great (as in large or excessive)

Greet/in                              Cry/ing or wail/ing… Nothing to do with greeting a friend, etc.

Gurnin’                               Grinning (lit.), face pulling; a competition if through a ‘braffin’ (horse collar)


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