Cumberland and Lakeland Dialect – F

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Fash                                     Fuss

F’yass                                  Face

Fell/s / fellsides                 Mountain/s [Old Norse] / hillsides, mountainsides

Fellwalkers                         Mountain walkers / hikers

Fettle                                   Health  (e.g. “Watt [sec] fettle?” “How are you?” / “What such health?”)

Fettle (-up)                        To repair or put to rights, but depending on context, sometimes it can mean the opposite” “He’s nut si good, e’s mappen fettled,” could mean someone is dying. 

Finnd                                   Find (pronounced “finned,” like a fish,  not “fined.”)

Flair/t (or flayt)                 To scare / scared (pronounced as “flair” but with a silent r)

Flarch                                  Flirt or scrounge

Flayt                                    see “Flairt”

Flooer/s                              Flowers

Frae                                     From (e.g. “Weer’s ta frae?” – Where are you from?)

Fwoaks                               People (folk)

F’yull                                  Fool


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