Cumberland and Lakeland Dialect – D

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Darrak                                 Day’s work

Deid                                     Dead  (Pronounced like “deed”)

Dick’s Hatband                  “As awkward as Dick’s hatband” – Not Cumbrian dialect, much more widespread

Divvel/ish                           Devil/ish

Divv’nt                                Don’t (West & North Cumberland)  See “Dun’t

Doo’er                                 Door (rhymes with ‘poor’)

Dook/ing, dookers            Swim/ing, swimming trunks (see ‘Bessy Dooker’) [W.Cumb; Rollinson]

Doon                                    Down

Dowter                                Daughter  (e.g. “Dun’t doubt thi dowter!” – “Don’t doubt your daughter.”)

Dun’t                                   Don’t (the West/North Cumberland variation is “Divv’nt” )

Dus’ta                                  Do you  (e.g. “Dus’ta ken watt yon is? – Do you know what that is?)

D’yall                                   Dale or valley

Dyke                                    Hedgerow, but it can also be used loosely for wall, fence or – rarely – ditch

Dyke-back                          The back, as in far side, of a hedgerow, etc.

Dyuh / Dyurn                      Do / Doing


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