Cumberland and Lakeland Dialect – C

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Capper                                 The best moment, best outcome, etc.

Can’sta                                Can you…?  e.g. “Can’sta finnd thi way yam?” – “Can you find your way home?”

Charlie                                A common nickname for a fox (see “Todd”)

Clarting aroond                 Messing about (sometimes in the context of procrastination)

Clarty                                  Sticky, messy, dirty

Cloot/clout                         Garment. “Dun’t cast a clout till t’ mayflooer’s oot!” (“Don’t shed clothing until the mayflower is in bloom”)

Cloot/clout                         A punch, thump, blow or buffeting.

Copy                                    A small, wooden stool (typically three-legged)

Coup or Cowp (Ower)      Fall/Fallen (over)

Crack                                  A chat, banter, good laugh. Not unique to Cumbria, though. (‘Craic’ is used among Irish descendants in West Cumbria but is strictly Irish and not part of the Cumbrian dialect.)

Crag/s                                 Cliff/s

Cubbert                              Cupboard

Cuvvins                              Winkles (i.e. shellfish)


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