Cumberland and Lakeland Dialect – B

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Bait                                      A meal during the working day, often carried in a ‘bait box

Barn/s                                  Barn/s (as in farm buildings) or child/ren

Bat                                       A blow or a punch.  e.g. “Ee gev im a reet bat in t’ mooth!” – “He gave him a right punch in the mouth!”

Beas/Beast                          Cattle

Beck                                    Stream or small river

Benk                                    A small ledge on a crag

Body                                   A woman (often a married or older woman, & nothing to do with her figure!)

Boond / Bund                    Bound

Braffin                                Horse collar – used also in ‘gurnin‘ competitions, mostly at Egremont!

Brat                                     An apron. A ‘coarse brat’ might be made of hessian and used for filthy jobs.

Brig                                     Bridge

Browt                                  Brought

Byre                                     Cow shed

B’yak                                   Bake  (e.g. “Ah’ll b’yak a k’yak.” – “I’ll bake a cake.”)

B’yuk                                   Book

B’yut/s                                 Boot/s

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