Cumberland and Lakeland Dialect – A

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A’back                                 Behind

Aboot                                   About

Ab’yun/Aboon                     Above

Accos                                   Because

Acockinecks                        Riding on someone’s shoulders – either child on parent or a schoolboy game.

Addlin(s)                             Earning(s)

Afore                                    Before

Afront                                  Ahead of; in front

Ah / Ah’ll / Ah’s                  I / I’ll / I am (see I’se)

Ahint                                    Behind (e.g. “Ee crept up ahint an’ gev muh sec a start!” “He crept up behind and gave me such a fright.”)

Airing                                   Showing off  (e.g. “Airing his’sel to t’ lasses.” – “Showing off to the girls.”)

A’jye                                     Tipped or leaning to one side

All’us                                    Always (Pronounced: “Awlus” or “all-us”)

An’all                                   As well (sometimes used to confirm a point)

A’neath                                Beneath

Aroond                                 Around

A’side / a’sider                    Beside / bedside of (i.e. next to) (e.g. “We live a’sider Joe an’ Maggie“)

Askins                                  Wedding Banns

Awreet                                 Alright


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