Reader Feedback for the Shearwater novel ‘My Cup Runneth Over’

The most recent comments are first, and any uncomplimentary remarks are included.  Anyone whom I know to be a serving or retired police officer (my most feared critics!!! 🙂 ) will have the word ‘police’ after their name or initials:

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28 June 2017

[Facebook – EW]  “Just finished your book ‘My cup runneth over’. Thoroughly enjoyed it and brought back memories of my cadetship and early years. When is the next book out please?” [Roger Salmon – police]

15 May 2017

[Facebook SS]  “Enjoyed reading My Cup Runneth Over by Steve Shearwater about his police career in Cumbria. I couldn’t put it down.” … “[I] got so into the book I took it to work for break times, just about forgot about the time, lol” … “It brought it back home to me about when I was growing up in Aspatria how police knew everyone. I remember my dad saying how he told PC Nelson to give my brother a clout round his ear because the PC found my brother in some derelict houses!”  [Helen Marshall]

[Facebook SS, as a comment on Helen Marshall’s post, above]  “It was a great read xx”  [Siobhan Davies] 

27 April 2017

[Facebook – SS]  “Steve, loved your book.  Can’t wait to read your next book.  When does it come out?  Let me know and I will get it.  Well done, take care, Jules ”  [Julie Humbley]

25 April 2017

[Amazon UK]  An easy read that flows along.  “Even though this book is a very long way from my usual genre,  I have enjoyed the relaxing pace of everyday life in the lake district through the eyes of a local policeman, I have read it the same way I read all my other books (ignoring the telly) but while I was reading I kept imagining myself relaxing on a beach with this book (something I never do) but would highly recommend this book for anyone who does.”  Christine 

18 April 2017

[Messenger – SS]  “Sitting in Cyprus reading opening pages of ‘My Cup Runneth Over’ and never laughed so much, by page 5!   Hoping to finish by midnight!”  [Mary Lowrey]

16 April 2017

[Amazon UK]  Warm Cumbrian Police Story  “This first book by the author shows promise. It has a true flavour of its day. There were minor errors and no dramatic story-line, as such. However, it left me wanting to read on. A good result. Carry on please…….”  Val Kay-Dunn

9 April 2017

[Cumbria Police Novels page]  “Read it in one sitting… Laughed out loud and caused a few strange looks around the pool on holiday! When is the next one out? So good x”  [Ann Lorimer]

[Facebook – SS]  “Just finished reading your book.  Superb, loved every minute of it.  It took me back to when I lived in The Lakes. Fond memories.  I need a sequel very soon”  [Debs Paproska Cole]  Author’s Comment:  The sequel is on its way, Debs! 🙂

8 April 2017

[Cumbria Police Novels page] “Loved this book, also my daughter, she bought her own copy so she could read it again!”  [Janet Ellicott]

[Facebook – SS]  “A really great read I loved it x”  [Maureen Williamson]

[Cumbria Police Novels page]  “Sorry, have to admit I was very disappointed and will not bother to read the next one!  [I] do realise that I’m totally in the minority. However I really do wish you luck.”  [Carol Brown]

3 April 2017

[Cumbria Police Novels page]  “Read ‘My Cup Runneth Over’ and enjoyed it immensely!  [J. David Tholl]

2 April 2017

[Messenger – EW]  “Dad [retired Chief Superintendent Eric Greenslade] said that your book took him back to the old days, he loved it.”  [Heather Wilkinson]

29 March 2017

[Amazon UK]  A beautiful book very well written  This book is truly amazing in its accuracy and descriptions I loved every page as I found that it brought back an awful lot of memories from the early days of my own Police service in the mid sixtees.  I admit struggling with some of the place names having lived and worked for many years in the southern Lake District and I still haven’t got there yet.  A lovely, gentle story line that held me totally in it’s grip for the entire book, I sincerely hope that we will see some more books as good as this one is.  I highly recommend this book to everyone, thank you Steve.  [‘Buckers’ – police]

And from the same, generous person, on 28 March 2017:  [Messenger – EW]  “I’ve just finished your wonderful book. I enjoyed every page as it brought back lots of memories from years ago when I lived at Fieldhead near Hawkshead… the book is amazing, thank you so much for writing it. Will there be any more?   I do hope so, you’re a fantastic author.  [Martin Buckmaster – police]

17 March 2017

[Amazon UK]  “Very good readA bit different to what I normally read but very good. Well written for a first book and of course a local for me.”  [Indra Cooper]

14 March 2017

[Messenger – EW]  “Just read the book on holiday on Kindle. A cracking read.”  [Mark Jenkins – police] . . . . It should be added that Mark also picked up on a typo in the book that nobody else had spotted and for which I’m very grateful, Mark.

8 March 2017

[Amazon Australia]  A great read.  “Please dear reader, picture the scene… it’s a late night flight and my seat is in the middle of a Boeing 737! It’s dark, it’s quiet and I get to the chapter in the book dealing with the unfortunate Wodger Wankin! [For my laughing out loud,] I certainly received a couple of very good “thwacks” from the missus sitting next to me!

As a retired Cumbria Constable and a Rural Officer to boot, this book brought it all flooding back! I remember my early days and trying to understand Cumbrian! I was from Cornwall and this was a totally foreign language but tha gnaws wat marra? Tha soon picks it up.

This is a very, very enjoyable read and I look forward to the next one.  [Andy Soper – police]

7 March 2017

[Amazon UK]  … read your book and absolutely loved it …  “I have finally had the time to read your book and absolutely loved it.  As the daughter of a fellow officer on the same force at around the same time it has brought forth all sorts of recollections of sights and sounds from my own childhood.  A time gone but not forgotten.  Thank you.  Can’t wait for the next one!”         [Gillian James]

2 March 2017

[Facebook, ]  “Reading it at the moment, Steve.  My husband keeps asking me what I am laughing at. Thoroughly enjoying it.”  [Tricia Deacon]

1 March 2015

[Messenger (EW)]  “The opening was excellent, throwing us in at the deep end. Expecting the worst then amusing relief  Rivalry between cid and uniform was true to form…  Nice to get closure and comeuppance in each case even if it took ages. There are always people who abuse their power or position and are above the law…  Loved all the local people and places and involvement in the mountain rescue. Easy to read and very enjoyable.”  [Heather Wilkinson]

[Facebook, Steve Shearwater page]  “I enjoyed every page. Recognised myself a few times, ha ha.” [David Albert – police]

[-ditto-]  “Excellent book. I really enjoyed it thank you.”  [Maureen Williamson]

25 February 2017

USA []  “Great relaxing read!  I really enjoyed this book. Loved the characters and small village approach. I especially enjoyed the search and rescue bits and hill walking. Looking forward to his next book!  [‘skiamazon’]

23 February 2017

[‘Cumbria Police Novels’ page on Facebook]  “I bought it through Apple’s iBooks and read it in one sitting. Devoured it! Such an enjoyable book from start to finish. Can’t wait for the next one to come out” -and-  “I read the whole book today (couldn’t put it down) and simply loved it! Liked everything about it and eagerly await your next novel,” -and!- “I enjoyed [your book] more than James Herriot’s, as you have captured country life perfectly.”  [Jacquie MacKenzie]

[‘The Bruche Training School Appreciation Society’ closed group at Facebook]  “Eddie, I enjoyed your novel “My Cup Runneth Over”.  Any more books in the pipeline?”  [Tony Cleasby – police]

22 February 2017

[Amazon UK]  “An outstanding read…  I bought this book and read it in two days (my bosses at work will be pleased!). It truly is a book – albeit a kindle version – I was not able to put down. The other comments [here] are so true – it was laugh out loud funny, sad, shocking in parts, and really put across how much the police go through. They do indeed have private lives too which I imagine comes as a shock to some. This is a highly recommended book that you just have to read – not just if you come from Cumbria. I have to confess I did not work out where Hawthwaite was – I had to cheat. I’m now eagerly awaiting the next instalment.
Tom Hardy – no sorry, not the actor”                                                               And from the same person…….

[E-mail, via ]   “I have just finished your first novel  (bought  from  Amazon  two days ago)  and   I absolutely loved it. I genuinely could not put it down…  Can you get a move on with your second novel.  I’m now suffering serious withdrawal symptoms!   Thanks for everything you’ve done for us Cumbrians.”  [Tom Hardy]

21 February 2017

[Facebook (EW timeline)] “Really enjoyed the book!”  [Valerie Hewer]

 “Good book!”  [Kevin Robson]

20 February 2017

[Cumbria Police Novels page, on Facebook]  “Finished tha book today Marra. Thoo has a lot to answer for after I got to wead all about Wodger in the very centre of a Boeing 737. I got a reet slap. 😂😂😂😂😂. I’ll do the Amazon thing later. 👍👍👍👍”  [Andy Soper]

[]  “Fantastic read, kept me hooked from the start.  Will recommend to my family and friends. Thoroughly enjoyable. Nice to read about my home county.”  [E S. Morgan]

18 February 2017

[Facebook, posted by Gabriela Casey on Steve Shearwater’s timeline] “I highly recommend Steve’s blog as well as his first novel – a good piece of real Cumbrian life from local police perspective.”

17 February 2017

[Facebook, on Tina Maria Jackson’s shared post – see directly below]  “Just finished reading My Cup Runneth Over it was great!”  [Ann Gilhespy]

16 February 2017

This book is a must read if you want to know about a policeman’s life in Cumbria/ Lake District. One minute the book will have you in tears and then the next you are laughing. Such a brilliant way he has put situations into a continual story. Looking forward to his second book.”   [Tina Maria Jackson, on her own Facebook timeline]

13 February 2017

[]  “Well worth a readAs a retired Police Officer who served half of his career in the area covered in this book I found this an enjoyable read.
As in any fictional account of Police activity events are exaggerated, however there is nothing here that couldn’t have happened, probably not involving just the leading character however.
PC Shearwater comes across as having a low opinion of C.I.D. officers which is a shame as with his crime detection skills he would have probably been given a trial in the Department in real life.
I hope the Author gets round to writing a follow up.
I started reading one of the novels that led to the Heartbeat T.V. series years ago.  My Cup Runneth Over is much better,  just a case of timing I suppose.
”  [D. Drinkald – police]

Author’s comment:  David and I know each other from our police careers many years ago and he undoubtedly and deservedly was very highly respected in his detective work.  My planned series of novels, however, is – in small part – intended to redress the imbalance commonly seen in novels, television shows and movies, where detectives are almost inevitably portrayed as being better or more important police officers than their uniformed brethren – something that simply is not the case.  There are of course good & bad and efficient/inefficient officers in both camps, so my standpoint is specifically not anti-CID even if it admittedly might come over that way at times, it is more a case of championing the cause of the lads and lasses who had or now currently have excellent careers in uniformed departments.  In any event, thank you for an excellent review, David.  I am more than happy with four stars and good comments from someone of your police calibre.

Reply from D. Drinkald, 15 Feb., 2017:   “Thats fair enough Eddie I did experience similar in my periods in uniform and even to some extent from Regional Crime Sqaud ‘tecs to Divisional C.I.D. officers, as you say good, bad and indifferent in both camps. I don’t know if you have read any of the Tom Thorne novels but his attitude [towards uniform] is awful.”

12 February 2017

[]  “Brilliant First Novel. A brilliantly written first novel which beautifully captures the essence of the era and the area in which it’s based. Funny and serious in turns it gives a good insight to what it was like to be a country ‘Bobby’ in the Lake District of the 1970’s. Looking forward to further tales from this author.”  [Jules]

[]  “Five Stars. What a wonderful book, can’t wait for the next episode.” [Barrie Nichol]

[Facebook (SS)]  “I loved reading your book and am waiting for number two!”  [Pauline Hughes]

11 February 2017

[]  “Fabulous bookAn absolutely fantastic read, didn’t want it come to the end!  Cannot wait for future exploits.” [anon.]

[A ‘Comment’ on this website]  “…Very good, keep it up with the next one.”  [Keith Meadley (police)]

10 February 2017

[]  “Anyone who enjoyed the book called “All Creatures Great and Small”…  Anyone who enjoyed the book called ‘All Creatures Great and Small’ by James Herriot about the trials and tribulations of a young veterinary surgeon in Yorkshire, England, will certainly want to read Steve Shearwater’s book, ‘My Cup Runneth Over’.  Set in the English Lake District, in Cumbria, it details the life of a country policeman some 30 years ago in an area of England with a unique and historic culture that has been called one of the most beautiful places in the world. Steve Shearwater is a 22 year old who returns to his small town birthplace to join the local constabulary. In his job he runs into similar characters that James Herriot did in Yorkshire. And believe me, Cumbria is rife with characters. Since he is a native, he gets accepted by the local characters better than he would if he was considered an “off comer”, as newcomers are called. Although sometimes they tend to not take him seriously at first just because he is a local lad. The author details his life as a country cop and talks of his experiences. He often runs into people he has known well when he was growing up, including his old Latin Teacher, who he chastises, with great relish, because of the teacher’s reckless driving. Unlike police duties in large cities today, Shearwater generally polices minor matters, although he does run into a serious drug situation which puts him in some danger. It is policing in a past time, when the world seemed to be more innocent than it is now. The book brings to life the unique culture of rural Cumbria, and its beautiful scenery with its mountain walks and magnificent lakes. Lovers of the English Lake District, and they are legion, will love this book as it brings back happy memories of climbing the fells and taking in the views from the mountain tops. I certainly did. It brings back wonderful memories of when I was growing up in the area.”  [Shirley Teasdale]

9 February 2017

[Facebook (EW)]  “Your book is brilliant… Please write another!”  [Keith Gregory, at “The Drovers’ Inn,” as it’s named in My Cup Runneth Over!]

31 January 2017

[Goodreads]  “I enjoyed this book, the first by a new author. A story of policing in a small British town in the 70’s, the author provides fun anecdotes of policing combined with wonderful descriptions of the community and its inhabitants. I’m looking forward to the second in this series.”    Roberta C. Mayer  (from 11 Jan. but just found!)

30 January 2017

[Facebook (SS)]  “Enjoyed the first book, looking forward to the next one.”  [Barrie Nichol]

29 January 2017

USA []  “Great reading from Steve Shearwater – This is lovely book well worth reading. Steve Shearwater has the ability to catch the reader’s interest with his humor and writing style. You feel like you will be right there when you walk out the door. I am certainly looking forward to a second book.” [Peter Bjorkman, WNY]

28 January 2017

[]  “Great readingI love the fact that this is set in Cumbria, my home county, and that I can relate to the locations and the “Cumbrianisms”.  Looking forward to future novels.”

27 January 2017

[Facebook (SS)]  “I saved your book to read on holiday and I really enjoyed it. Had me laughing one minute and crying the next.”  [Doreen Dixon]

26 January 2017

USA []  “The setting in the Lake District National Park…  Once I started reading, I couldn’t put this down! It was interesting to “meet” these characters – especially Steve – and I’m looking forward to reading more books in this series. The setting in the Lake District National Park was another great aspect of it – I traveled there several years ago and loved it!! Overall a great read.” [Amazon customer]

USA []  “Entertaining journey thru Cumbria, England – The story and characters are very well written, transporting you to northern England in the 1970s. Even the Lake District itself feels like a separate character engaging you. Once you pick up the book, it can be hard to put down. Many readers are likely looking forward to seeing more books in this series.” [Derek H, CA]

[]  “Very good book and easy to read.  I would recommend this to anyone, it’s a good insight to the policing in a rural place in the Lake District, very funny with some of the stories. Well done Steve.” [David Mayer]

24 January 2017

[Comment on this website]  “Just finished reading the book  ‘My Cup Runneth Over’.  Its a fantastic read 😊  Really didn’t want it to end.  Looking forward to the next one.”  [Debbie Parsons]

[E-mail (SS)]  Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your book.  My father, Jack Lilley, was inspector at Keswick from 1959 until his death in 1967, during which time we lived at the police station.  Your stories brought many happy memories of accompanying my father on his frequent visits to outlying farms and his regular weekly ‘points’ with the village bobbies.  It was great fun trying to identify the locations used in your yarns!  Dad was also a member of Keswick Mountain Rescue Team – all your tales of the goings on and local events rang so true!  When’s the next book due out?  Can’t wait!”   [Peter Lilley – police]

[Messenger (EW)]  I have just finished reading your book and thoroughly enjoyed it.  I have for some time been writing a few stories that jumped to mind about my own time in the police. mainly for my grandchildren to read… Have to say however, that I’m not in the same writing league as you…”  [AG – police]

[E-mail (SS)]  Good read, My Cup Runneth Over. When I first started reading it I was thinking it was set in Hawkshead, but then changed my mind as I read on. It has certainly made me reminisce lol.”  [DB – police]

22 January 2017

USA []  “I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of reading this bookSuch a treasure to read!! 🙂  I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of reading this book! ♡  …Steve Shearwater’s ability to transport the reader to Cumberland with his wit, memories and humour had me feeling so good! ♡  I love this book, I adore the stories and will read it again and again!Thanks, Steve… any chance of a sequel?![Debra Stuart, VT]

13 January 2017

[Messenger (SS)]  “I got my husband your book for Christmas and he really enjoyed it, now it’s my turn, I know I’ll love it! [JE]

12 January 2017

[Facebook (SS)]  A captivating read, from the ‘good old days’!  [MA]

11 January 2017

[Facebook]   My father in law loved your book I gave him for Christmas as much as I did reading it.”   [KS]

[Facebook – ‘Lakeland Meet Ups’ group]  “… “My Cup Runneth Over” is an excellent read, and I can highly recommend it to anyone with a love of Cumbria’s scenery, people and dialect. There are some very positive reviews on the Amazon website…”  [JF]

10 January 2017

I hadn’t checked ‘Goodreads‘ up until now but I’ve just found a couple of reviews there:

Jan Orchard:  Lovely book.  I am a Cumbrian now living far from home and it brought back some nice memories. [It] would make a great TV series.”  5 stars.

Mark Nicholson:  No text review but 5 stars.

8 January 2017

USA []  I enjoyed every word of this witty yet poignant novel. The characters are colorful and well-drawn, bringing the author’s small-town setting to life. The hero, a young British police officer, begins the book with a hangover and tells his on-the-job tales with frankness, realism, and lots of humor. You’ll be rooting for Steve to catch the “bad guy” and yes, get the girl, too! Highly recommended as a fun, quick read you won’t want to put down!” 

[Amazon UK]  Really enjoyed reading your book had a good laugh although there was sad parts. As I live not to far from the settings of your story I could relate to some of the antics. It is very well written a credit to you. looking forward to your next novel.”  Anne Sowerby

[Amazon UK]  I bought this book as a Christmas present for my husband, the author being an old friend of my husband’s, but who I only met for the first time last year. Having just finished the book myself I can thoroughly recommend it. Steve’s anecdotal style brings the stories alive, and I felt I knew the characters so well were they crafted. The book is also wonderfully descriptive of the beautiful lake district. I’m looking forward to the next episodes!  [PatB]

[Amazon UK]  This is one of the best, well-written books I’ve read for a long time and I enjoyed it immensely. It has some genuine ‘laugh out loud’ moments and it’s one of those books I didn’t want to come to an end. I can’t wait to read the next one. An excellent first book and highly recommended.” [GE]

7 January 2017

[E-mail (EE)]  “…what a book!  I found it very interesting piecing the place names  together, along with a good story & humour.  Well done I hope it sells well.”  [DA (Th)]

[Messenger (EW)] “I have just finished the book, Eddie. I thought it was brill’, a little rumour, a little true life and lots of fun as we had in those days…” [JT – police]

[Messenger (EW)] Really enjoying your Cup Runneth Over book.  Cant get to sleep for reading! [FQ]

6 January 2017

[Facebook UK] [I bought your book] “for my 80 yr old mum… at Farrer’s in Kendal before Xmas and she said she thoroughly enjoyed reading your book and said she “wished it hadn’t ended” and asked “when’s his next book out?” Another happy customer and thank you, please keep us posted on Facebook of your next publication 😀”  [HJ]

[Messenger]  I have just read My Cup Runneth Over and I really enjoyed the read.  I am from Whitehaven but mam and dad brought me to Perth, Western Australia, when I was 13 years old.  Well done…” [MC]

[Amazon UK]  Very very readable.  A reflection on a local Bobby’s life in Rural Cumbria.  Well worth a read.  This could be Cumbria’s answer to James Herriott.  Excellent.”  [anon.]

5 January 2017

USA []  A joy to read – A fun book of policing in a small town in simpler times – or in my small town today!   The author’s descriptions are so vivid as to put you in the countryside, which sounds lovely. The incidents and interactions – with perpetrators as well as townsfolk – perfectly describe policing in a rural area. The constable’s sense of humor provided smiles throughout the book – to the very last line.  Looking forward to the next in the series.”  [R.C. Mayer, ME]

[Messenger]  “Hi Steve Shearwater. I have just completed the last few chapters of your book My Cup Runneth Over and felt compelled to let you know how much I enjoyed reading it.
As a retired police officer myself from that era it felt like I had been transported back in time. It was as if I was stood there beside you at some of the incidents and events you describe.
The highs and lows of policing do leave their mark on the people you deal with and the individual officers themselves. To my mind you have done an excellent job telling the stories the way you have, that in turn create the memories that an old copper like me can relate too. Thank you for that and good luck with the book. I’ll be on the look out for your next one!
Kind regards, Cliff Heaney”
(A retired police sergeant from Cumbria Constabulary)

[Facebook (UK)] In response to the above from Cliff Heaney:  I echo the same sentiment, as a retired sergeant [myself]. I’m also on the last couple of chapters and can relate to the incidents etc. A riveting read.”  [John Forrester – police]

USA [] “Wonderful and humorous – While I am not from this part of the world, Steve’s writing puts me there. I am from a small town in a remote area and I can feel that here. Wonderful and humorous. I enjoyed it greatly! [Ken Foster]

[Amazon UK]  “Brilliant book, full of laughter and sadness all in one book. Once i started reading could not put it down, full of the good and bad things of being a policeman in the 70’s. Well worth the read, cannot wait for his second book.”  [Tizzy]

4 January 2017

[Amazon UK]  “When I heard that a local retired Policeman had written a book about his life as an officer in the 70’s, I knew it would be a very interesting book to read! I am not disappointed! Can’t wait for a follow up!!  [Robin M. Newton]

3 January 2017

[Amazon UK]  A joy to read; well done.  “Really enjoyed reading this book, being from Cumbria, [I] could picture the scenes, well written, looking forward to the next one, and of a more gentler era the 70s also the time [my] brother joined the force, you could picture him there.”  [Julie Edgar]

[Amazon UK]  Once in a while you get one of those books that you just cannot put down as this is one of those, its is a joyful read of a copper’s life in the rural Lakes, of the time when policemen were policemen and knew everyone personally. This is a joy to read and will leave you wanting more of PC Shearwater’s adventures. Really recommend this book.”  [Paul Hoffman]

2 January 2017

[Facebook]  “My wife bought me your book, “My cup runneth over”, I’m enjoying every word. Any chance of getting it signed please?”  [JF – police]


31 December 2016

[Facebook (EW)] “Just finished your book. I’d forgotten how exciting 70’s policing was in the Lakes! Seriously not a bad effort…”  [DD – police]

30 December 2016

[Facebook]  It’s fabulous, [a friend’s name]. You’ll ♡love it!”  [DJS]

[Amazon (UK)]  Great read, especially for police families of the 70s.”  [DM – police?]

28 December 2016

[Twitter]  “so far loving your book. I really am enjoying the rich dialogue of the characters.” @KnitskiNancy

25 December 2016

[Facebook] “Bought your book for Malc, [who’s] not really a reader but hasn’t put the book down! [He] says he’s on the ‘runaway coffin’ now x. When’s the next one out? [PT]

[Facebook (EW)] “…My daughter bought me your book ‘my cup runner over’ for Christmas. A cracking good read. Brings back memories of how policing should be done. Merry Christmas…” [SC]

[Facebook – a comment from one friend to another] Oh you will [enjoy ‘My Cup Runneth Over’] but it’s best read when you are alone otherwise [your husband] will wonder what’s happened to you, with all the giggles and guffaws xxx [AB]

23 December 2016

We are so thrilled at the incredible response that Eddie Wren (writing as Steve Shearwater) has received for his first novel, “My Cup Runneth Over!” Readers are so thrilled, in fact, that they’re already clamoring for the second book of the series! Congratulations! – books

22 December 2016

[Facebook] It’s a brilliant book, best one I have read in a very very long time.” [JT]

20 December 2016

[Amazon UK]  Reflective, responsible, funny, relevant, historical, good language and good reading. Reminded me of the old days.”  [anon.]

16 December 2016

[Amazon UK]  Brilliant.  A very interesting and enjoyable read. Couldn’t put it down and can’t wait for his second book”  [Dave Jenkinson]

[Facebook UK (EW)]  Another from a former police colleague; undoubtedly my most demanding critics!    “Eddie Wren, I sat and read [your book] in one sitting, really enjoyed it.  Rural policing as it should be.  Looking forward to the next instalment…”  [James Wilson – police]

[Facebook UK]  Five Stars Absolutely loved this book, brilliant 🙂 “  [Judith Melton]

15 December 2016

[Facebook UK (EW)]  “Just finished reading ‘My Cup Runneth Over’ by Steve Shearwater. Really enjoyed it. Hopefully more to come. Local lad done good.  Well done Eddie Wren.”  [John Tyson]

13 December 2016

[Amazon UK]  One fantastic read. Brilliant Author and so well written – One fantastic read.  Brilliant Author and so well written.  It took me right back to my childhood in the Lake District.  I hope there is another book coming.  I can’t wait.  Well done Steve. [Jobby]    Author’s comment:  Yes, there is a second book already in the pipeline and I hope this will become a series of several books, but most of all, thank you for your very kind words, Jobby.

[Amazon UK]  A brilliantly written book set in a time where coppers were coppers. A time when they lived as well as worked in the community they served, knew everyone and everyone knew them and as a result there was a mutual respect for each other. Set in one of the most beautiful parts of the country It gives a great insight into the life of a policeman in the Lake District in the 1970s. Having been born and bred in the area, and having been a policeman in the area for thirty years I had great fun trying to put names to both the places and the characters in the book.
The book is written, and reads, very much along the lines of the James Herriot books, and in my view is equally as well written and laid out.
It is obvious that whilst fiction there is a large element of actual events and experiences used as its basis all of which which adds to its charm.
My only complaint is that I now have to wait for the next in the series to be written and released.
All in all if you only buy one book to read this Christmas make it this one. You won’t be disappointed.” 
 [Mr M.A. Johnston – police]     Author’s response:  Thank you! I’ve always been concerned about how my fellow officers would take the book and I’m delighted by your comments.

10 December 2016

[Amazon UK]  I have put off writing a review in case some may think I was a bit biased towards him, as we were both police officers in Cumbria Constabulary. We are on each others friend list on FB, we have some similar pastimes in photography and angling, so that is why I was dragging my feet in giving a review.  Having read a review from a Mr Richard Wallace all I can add is ditto to his comments and wait and see what book two is like.”  [Peter Reece]

[Amazon UK]  “A good read really enjoyed it. with being a cumbrian i loved the dialect and could understand it. some good humour as well.  would definitely recommend people to read it.  looking forward to the next book.”  [Joyce]  

9 December 2016

[Amazon UK] This man can write!

I was half way down the third page when it suddenly came to me – “This man can write!” It is a beautifully written book – the narrative carries you effortlessly on – a real “page turner” as they say; the evocation of the landscape and the local people is wonderfully vivid; and the mixture of drama, humour, and the facts of real life makes for a very rich read.

The subject is the experiences of a police constable in Cumbria in the 70s. The reader does need to keep the time-frame in mind, otherwise some of the policing practices and social attitudes seem very odd indeed (and I am prepared to bet the the processes whereby these practices and attitudes change will be a rich source of material in later books in the series). Inevitably it consists of a series of episodes, linked by recurring themes. The challenge for an author using this format is to fill out the characters in the brief space available. Shearwater does this well (but leaves the reader eager to find out more about these fascinating individuals in later books). Some have compared the book to James Herriot’s “All Creatures Great and Small” books, which is fair enough, though Shearwater’s novel is, to my mind, a little darker, a little more real, and a little less “feel good”.   I like that.

One of the most attractive features of the novel is the lively and evocative scenes of Cumbria, its people, and its landscape. I particularly enjoyed a marvellous description of a winter walk over High Street. You could feel the crunch of the snow under your boots, the cold wind on your face, and the exhilaration of getting to the top and just looking at the views. I wanted to be there!

In short, this is a great read, and I strongly recommend it. I am looking forward eagerly to the next episode. And it would make a superb television series!

I will take the liberty of adding that the author of the above remarks was Richard Wallace, retired senior lecturer in classics at Keele University, England – EW/SS

8 December 2016

[Facebook]  “[I’ve] just finished reading your book, Steve (Eddie).  I really enjoyed it and can put many of your tales into locations.”  [DS – police] – – – – – Steve/Eddie’s response:  I’m delighted that you enjoyed it, Dave. My one concern in this venture has been how my fellow police officers would respond to the book, so your comments and other retirees’ comments in-person have  been a very pleasing relief to me! 🙂

[Amazon UK]  A must read book “[I] loved this book, Took me back to a time when local police shared a car or van, gave young ones a clip round the ear instead of arresting them for minor ‘crimes’ and knew most people by name. Loved the Cumberland dialect bits. Not too much that it would spoil the book for non Cumbrians. Being from Cumbria I recognized the town and villages mentioned and this is just how I remember the 70s in my home county. I must mention that I had the pleasure of meeting Steve at one of his book signings and found him to be a very pleasant and funny man. I am really looking forward to the next [book].”  [MB]

7 December 2016

[Facebook]  “I have already read your book on my Kindle, but I do like to have a ‘special’ book, that I’ve really enjoyed, in a ‘hard copy’ so I have bought one from Keswick Bookends…. I wish you all success with the book and look forward to the next one!”  [SA]

4 December 2016

[Facebook]  “Have finished the book. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Next time it’s my turn to choose the book for the book club I will recommend yours…  It really was a joy to read  [AF]  And from the same, generous person via Amazon UK:  It was a very easy read. Thoroughly enjoyed the book. Even the serious bits were written with a sensitive hand. Did shed a tear a one point ! Really enjoyed the book.”

2 December 2016

[Facebook]  Finally read your book Steve Shearwater [and] I wish it was longer, the tales are fantastic and can’t wait for the next episode. Well done… all I can say is it’s hard to put it down, even to make a cuppa. So glad my wife knows how I like coffee!”  [TL]

[Facebook]  “I started reading my copy a couple of days ago and I’m thoroughly enjoying it. It’s like a book about anti-gravity – I can’t put it down! It would make a great TV series.”  [GE]

[Facebook]  Wow putting a face to the author of the book is amazing… nearly finished it.  Can’t wait for the next batch!  [JVM] 

[Amazon UK]  Steve Shearwater this book is fantastic but alas not long enough lol, I do hope that in the near future part 2 will be available, I can’t wait to buy a copy. Well done and all the best for the future.”

29 November 2016

[Facebook]  I’m gutted I live near ‘spatri’ [recent book-signing event] I would have come I’ve just started reading your book I love it!!”   [EF]

…Your book is on [the] Xmas list. Fabulous reviews, can’t wait to read it. Congratulations.”  [CB]

28 November 2016

[Facebook]  “Can’t wait for everyone to enjoy it at Christmas as much as I did.”  [KDS]

[Facebook]  Brilliant Book.  I am enjoying this, considering I’m not one for reading!”  [JT]

[Facebook]  Started reading your book and thoroughly enjoying it… Going to have a couple more early nights to finish it.”  [ES]

27 November 2016

[Facebook]  “Loving your book, Steve.  It’s funny, so entertaining and informative… really enjoying it!!  Thank you.”  [DJS]

Really enjoyed our chat Steve [at the Aspatria book signing] and my praise for your book was well deserved, I look forward to the next one.”  [MB]

[Amazon USA (.com)]  “Intelligent and well written. Reminds me of Cumbria in the 70s. Plenty of humour and real life experiences. The characters were relatable and [I am] looking forward to the continuation of the series. 

25 November 2016

[Facebook]  I’ve just bought it and started reading it! Brilliant from the start!  [KM]

[Amazon UK]  An excellent, easily readable novelAn excellent read, highly evocative tales of 1970’s Cumbria which as a native brought back many memories for me, it was refreshing to be transported back to those days before political correctness went mad and the Bobbies were feared and respected in equal measure. Steve captures the mood so well and his use of cumbrian dialect is well measured and adds to the stories so well, I downloaded this in the morning and could not put it down until I had finished, I hope that we have the next one very soon, and how about a TV series? Well done Steve, keep up the good work.”

[Amazon UK – posted by ‘Susie’]  If you only buy one book this year – make sure it’s this one!         Steve Shearwater’s delightful pen transported me straight back to my Cumbrian childhood – a time of community when the village ‘bobby’ was both feared and revered.

The RAC rally, local lock-ins, familar dialect and places – so evocative of a time that I probably remember through very rose tinted specs!

I read this in a single day, curled up by the woodburner with copious mugs of tea and the rain battering on the window. Getting lost in the tale of the young Cumbrian constable was easy, Steve’s writing style makes for a page turning read which evoked such powerful memories I didn’t want to reach the final page.

As a child I loved watching Dixon Of Dock Green, [and] My Cup Runneth Over shares a similar dialogue. It’s comforting yet confronting, set against a back drop of none politically correct policing, when the ‘baddies’ got a ‘clout’, the bereaved a cuppa and the community noticed when something was awry, even if it resulted in [an] unsuspecting ailing OAP getting a rude awakening.

To be truthful, I initially bought this book because of its era and setting. Im so glad I did. My partner (a non Cumbrian) read it too, proclaiming it a ‘feel good, comfort blanket of a read’.

Steve you’ve nailed it. Just ordering some paper copies to pop into various Christmas stockings. I suspect it could be a very quiet, nose in book festive this year.

If you only buy one book this Christmas make sure it’s this one!

21 November 2016

[Amazon UK]  A great read. Based on the author’s life & early career as a young policeman in 1970’s rural Cumbria.*  The great descriptions of Cumbria and the characters (& their lives) were easy to imagine, and really brought them to life. Humorous, with some laugh out loud moments, but also some serious & sad parts, as you would expect in a Police novel. Also, nice to read about the personal lives of the officers…after all, policemen do have a life outside of work! Some of the places mentioned brought back some memories for me…The Twisted Wheel nightclub in Carlisle, the RAC Rally, and even a particular scene in the first chapter, ‘The Captain is Dead’, has similarities to an event that happened early on in my life.  I really enjoyed the book and would highly recommend.  My only criticism…I ran out of pages!  Suffice to say…I’m looking forward to the next book.”              *Author’s comment:  While there are little seeds of ideas that came from my own early career, the book is not in any way autobiographical.  To all intents and purposes, the stories are entirely fictitious. (But thank you for a lovely summary, none-the-less!)

17 November 2016

[PM]  “I have just finished and thoroughly enjoyed reading “My Cup Runneth Over”. Well paced, very atmospheric and highly entertaining – I look forward to the sequel(s)…  With all good wishes for your future success.”  [JW]

[Amazon UK]  Great readJust finished this great book. I couldn’t put it down, full of warmth, wit, and great characters, set in the most beautiful county in England, slightly biased there, as I was born and bred in Cumbria. Fun parts sad parts and serious parts, of a rural policemans job in a small station, can’t wait for the next book in the series.”

[Facebook]  “Thoroughly  enjoy the book. When it came to the Cumbria dialect I could hear my late husband talking, brought back great memories.  Review posted on Amazon, now get cracking with the next one. A real good belly laugh is as good as a dose of medicine.” [AB]

[Amazon UK]  If you enjoy a good laugh with a bit of sadness and pathos this is the book to read.          A great book retelling the early career of a Police Officer in rural England (Cumbria). In a time when everyone knew and most respected the local Bobby (Policeman) and the Bobby knew and had time for nearly everyone. No Political Correctness nor number crunching in those days.  Told with great humour, some sadness and the comeuppance of the bad guys. All cleverly pulled together by the last page.  Definitely awaiting the next book.”

16 November 2016

[Amazon UK]  A brilliant read, very nostalgic for me being a Cumbrian lass. Factual, humerous and an excellent insight of the Police Force in the seventies. I was so engrossed in the book that I spent the early hours of the morning on my kindle, I just couldn’t put it down! Continued reading until the end. In reference to the Cumberland Infirmary, it brought back fond memories of my time there training as a nurse. On night duty police officers would call in for a cup of tea and make sure all was okay, very reassuring. It was complete for me when all aspects were covered in the book, a good insight of the character. Well done Steve! I will definitely recommend your book to my friends and I give it a five star rating.”

15 November 2016

[Amazon UK]  Memories.  Just finished reading this. Brought back many happy memories of how the job used to be. Days when the police had respect and trust, before politically correctness took over and cutbacks. Had a chuckle or two, especially the copper pan episode. Looking forward to the next book.”

[Amazon UK]  Great read. I couldn’t put it down.  I couldn’t put this book down. Every chapter interesting. I do hope there will be more books , I [want] to hear more.”

[Amazon UK]  Lovely book. I am a Cumbrian now living far from home and it brought back some nice memories, would make a great TV series.”

[Amazon UK]  A policeman’s life is never dull, not if you are Steve Shearwater anyway  A real page turner. A policeman’s life is never dull, not if you are Steve Shearwater anyway! Looking forward to the next book.”

[Facebook]  So sorry someone has criticised ! All I can say is I throughly enjoyed it . There’s always got to be one!!”  [KDS]

[Facebook]  You are bound to get some crap reviews [but] I think it’s a first class book.”  [KH]

14 November 2016

[Amazon UK]  “A diary of a Cumbrian policeman, an amusing read initially but a little disappointing in that the antics of the locals took second place to tales of the policemans love conquest. This let the tale down in my opinion.”   Steve Shearwater’s response:  By all means that’s fair enough, and thank you for telling me.  Trying to get the best possible balance in the story between working life and private life was a challenge although clearly it’s an aspect where people vary widely in what they prefer.

[Facebook]  Almost finished it, part of me wants to finish it but a big part of me wants it to go on. Fantastic read. Make sure you get the next one out soon  [LL]

[Facebook]  It’s lovely reading [the little bits of] dialect, reminds me of my dad.”  [BB]

13 November 2016

[Facebook]  I read the first chapter on-line and that sold it to me. I hope it’s a good thick book.”  [AR]         Steve Shearwater’s response:  It’s 28 chapters, Adrian, 288 pages and 88,000 words; so it’s reasonably substantial.

[Amazon UK]  One of the most enjoyable novels I’ve read this year. “Steve Shearwater’s debut novel hits the spot on a number of different levels. First and foremost, it recounts a style of policing that pre-dates political correctness, management-speak and budget cuts – a style closer to my grandfather’s days as a Cumberland village bobby in the 20s & 30s than to the policing of today. I was reminded of John Wainwright’s books from the 70s & 80s, and in particular “Wainwright’s Beat” and “All on a Summer’s Day”. Sadly long out of print, but still amongst my personal favourites. Secondly, there must be a substantial autobiographical thread running throughout the novel, which I found fascinating. Thirdly, the characters come to life off the page – well described and convincing. And then we have the star of the show – Cumbria itself – the geography and the dialect. Dialect in novels is always a difficult challenge for both writer and reader. I think Steve manages successfully to convert the spoken word to the written word. Certainly, as a native Cumbrian, I can “hear” the dialogue.  By the end of the novel, most loose ends have been conveniently tidied away, but Constable 868 is still in the early days of his career. I sincerely hope that Steve Shearwater will entertain his readers with a continuing series of novels, as I was certainly left satisfied but wanting more. Much like PC 868 in certain chapters – although in a very different way!’ 

[Amazon UK] A wonderful insight into policing in 70s Cumbria.  “I’ve just finished what was a wonderful insight into policing in our beautiful county in the 70s with lots of laugh out loud moments, sad moments, some frustration at injustice then joy at overdue comeuppances along with the retelling of some experiences that made me blush a little. Well done and thank you.” 

12 November 2016  (full book)

[Amazon UK] “I enjoyed this book; it is funny and sensitve. Cumbria is described so well, the people are so alive and It did take you back to the 1970s when the police were as tough as hell but it seems to me, so much more human.” 

“Just read about you posing as batman in the graveyard! Great read.”  HDS

Loving it.”  LL

Just read the first chapter, chuckling already. Don’t think much is going to get done tonight.”  AB

Got mine at just after 11 last night . It’s so funny.”  MM

Bought this afternoon for my kindle. Enjoying it very much.”  HDS

11 November 2016 (the first day of publication) from three Kindle readers commenting on my Facebook page:

I certainly will [enjoy it] as the paragraph I read I didn’t want it to end lol.” JVM

Already reading it – you’ve just met Carol for the first time. Excellent read so far.” JF

Bought this afternoon for my kindle. Enjoying it very much.” HDS

7 & 8 November 2016 (from this published excerpt)

“I have had a good belly-laugh reading this… Really looking forward to reading the whole book.”  AB

“I really need this book in my life, sounds great, really enjoyed what I’ve just read.”  JVM

“I enjoyed that. Can’t wait for the rest.”  AH

“That was really good. Bring on the end of the week [when the full book is published. My] Kindle is ready and waiting.”  LL

“What a fab taster.”  TS

“Hahaha, love it! I can visualize the scene from that narrative.”  SA

“Looking forward to reading it.”  AW

“Brilliant, so visual! Looking forward to reading the rest.”  BW

“You’ve got me hooked. Can’t wait to read the whole book.”  MA

“Can’t wait to read the book LOL”  MH

“Got pics in my head.  AC

“Now I can’t wait.”  DS

“It’s the run to the van to use [the VHF radio] that takes me back.”  AR (retired police officer)

“Looking forward to reading your book. You’ve tempted me!”  SL

“Really can’t wait for its release.”  JM

“Oh, I want to read more.”  CW

“Can’t wait for the rest.”  JT

“That sounds great so far.”  JH

“Brilliant. Captured me from the start and pulled me through to the ‘I want more’.”  KB

“Excellent. Followed by TV series, too!… Well done.”  RMF

“I would love to read it. This sounds good.”  JT

“Think I will enjoy this, Steve.” DD

“I enjoyed reading this and must say as I was reading it I felt I was in the room where it was happening it was so real at that moment. Very well written and so funny.”  DD


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