Jeremy Paxman acknowledges the difference in risk to rural police officers versus their urban colleagues

Well-known commentator Jeremy Paxman, in an article in the Financial Times, accurately wrote:  [Metropolitan police officers] “consider themselves fortunate that, in central London, back-up can be with them inside a minute or so. Police officers patrolling county towns on a weekend night are much more exposed.”

My own comment:  As was the case for many, many of my colleagues back in the 1970s and 80s, I recall occasions when I had to wait 15 minutes or more for the ‘urgent assistance’ I had requested for the violent situations I was dealing with, alone.  It was accepted as being part of our job, and in rural areas I suspect that the situation is now even worse, given the reduction in officer numbers and the closure of many small-town police stations over recent years.  At times, rural policing can be very far from the idyllic job it might appear to be.        Steve Shearwater

If you’re an FT subscriber, you can read the full, Paxman article here.

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