The latest reader-review from the USA

Such a treasure to read!! 🙂

I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of reading this book! ♡ My family are from Cumbria, England and I now live in the United States… while reading ‘My Cup Runneth Over’ I really felt closer to my home!

Steve Shearwater’s ability to transport the reader to Cumberland with his wit, memories and humour had me feeling so good! ♡ I love this book, I adore the stories and will read it again and again! ☆

Thanks, Steve… any chance of a sequel?!


[This review may be seen on the website and relates to a “verified purchase” by an “Amazon Customer” in Vermont, USA]

Author: Steve

Steve Shearwater, the author of this series of books and admin of this website and blog.

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  1. Thank you for such a delightful review of my novel! The answer to your question is yes, there will indeed be a sequel – it is already underway. My longer-term plan is for a series of at least five sequential novels. Thanks again….. 🙂

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