‘Book Review of the Week’ and a Christmas Recommendation from ‘Susie’

I have been genuinely stunned by the delightful consistency of readers’ opinions of my novel ‘My Cup Runneth Over’. Indeed, at present it holds an average rating of 4.8 stars out of 5 – 96% – at Amazon!  Much of the time it is hard for me to pick any one reader’s comment from another in terms of their ‘gratification rating’ to me as the author, but I have to say that so far this week I have to put this one from Amazon’s UK website at the top of my list:

If you only buy one book this year – make sure it’s this one!                 Steve Shearwater’s delightful pen transported me straight back to my Cumbrian childhood – a time of community when the village ‘bobby’ was both feared and revered.

The RAC rally, local lock-ins, familiar dialect and places – so evocative of a time that I probably remember through very rose tinted specs!

I read this in a single day, curled up by the woodburner with copious mugs of tea and the rain battering on the window. Getting lost in the tale of the young Cumbrian constable was easy, Steve’s writing style makes for a page turning read which evoked such powerful memories I didn’t want to reach the final page.

As a child I loved watching Dixon Of Dock Green, [and] My Cup Runneth Over shares a similar dialogue. It’s comforting yet confronting, set against a backdrop of none politically correct policing, when the ‘baddies’ got a ‘clout’ , the bereaved a cuppa and the community noticed when something was awry, even if it resulted in an unsuspecting, ailing OAP getting a rude awakening.

To be truthful, I initially bought this book because of its era and setting. I’m so glad I did. My partner (a non Cumbrian) read it too, proclaiming it a ‘feel good, comfort blanket of a read’.

Steve you’ve nailed it. Just ordering some paper copies to pop into various Christmas stockings. I suspect it could be a very quiet, nose-in-book festive this year.

If you only buy one book this Christmas make sure it’s this one!”


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